There are two schools of chiropractic thought.

It makes a huge difference to your health that we think the way we do.


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Accepting New Patients

We accept most private insurance plans, Medicare, Washington Labor & Industries, and we are personal injury providers. We treat people of all ages, including infants and children.

How We Think

We are committed to your overall health, not just your spine. 

Dr. Melissa Lockhart, Spokane Valley Chiropractor, believes that as a chiropractor, she must be trained and equipped to make a full medical evaluation and assessment of your case in order to provide you the best care, if chiropractic is the appropriate treatment option, or to make an appropriate referral, if it isn’t.

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There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to chiropractic.

The first is the old-school, limited belief that chiropractors should adjust the spine and let the body heal itself. They have no responsibility to understand human health overall, to worry about what’s wrong with their patient, or to refer out to other types of providers.

The second view, the one we hold, is that chiropractors are medical professionals and should be able to find and identify any medical problem, even if they’re not responsible for treating it, and to refer the patient out.

This is why we conduct thorough medical evaluation and examination, and why we take a thorough history of you and your family’s health. We want to work with you to find the cause of your symptoms and the best possible treatment options for you. 

We do NOT suggest that chiropractic adjustments treat every condition. We use chiropractic and rehabilitation to treat musculoskeletal conditions and maintain musculoskeletal wellness. This is part of overall wellness, of course. However, we are
well versed at diagnosis and physical examination, and will, when appropriate, order labs, imaging and provide referrals to another specialist or doctor when there is a need outside of what we do in our office.

Our patients, and those who refer patients to us, are loyal because know they can approach us with any problem.  We are committed to helping our patients, whether the situation calls for a chiropractic or rehabilitative solution, advanced imaging or the appropriate referral. 

How We're Trained

We are extensively trained medical professionals qualified to evaluate your situation. 

Dr. Lockhart went to one of the best and most comprehensive chiropractic colleges and has a wide variety of tools to use to address your chiropractic needs. She is qualified to conduct a thorough exam and assessment to help you identify what’s going wrong and the best treatment approach to take.

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When the chiropractic profession was established in Washington, it was set up to only focus on what’s historically been called “vertebral sublexation.” They decided not to allow for electric stimulation, ultrasound, or any other number of tools. They decided there was no need to understand extremities or nutrition or anything else.  This creates a very limited scope of practice. And many chiropractic colleges limit their training with this in mind.

Dr. Lockhart’s training is much broader than the majority of her colleagues in the state, having gone to a premier college in the midwest.  She is trained in all kinds of modalities to treat all kinds of presenting problems. She understands that chiropractic and rehabilitation are designed to restore FUNCTION in the joints and tissues of the human body. We are interested in restoring function in order to heal injuries, old and new, eliminate pain and restore health and active lifestyles.

Why This Matters

You get treatment tailored to your needs, not just a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Most chiropractors in Washington will give you a five minute exam and then prescribe the same lengthy treatment plan that all of their patients get. Dr. Lockhart is committed to helping you determine the best course of action specific to your presenting problem(s). 

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Too many chiropractors in Washington will give a brief, five minute exam in which they can learn next to nothing, and then they proceed to advise the same course of manual adjustment for you that they suggest to everyone else. They frequently miss underlying issues that warrant referral for testing and treatment. And you could even go to weeks of treatment without getting better, and these chiropractors may not even notice.

We believe that successful, efficient resolution of your symptoms comes from completing thorough history and exam procedures before diagnosing your condition and creating a customized treatment plan specific to your situation. We understand that factors such as medical history, age, and the comfort level of each patient need consideration when planning a strategy for treatment. No two patients in our office receive identical care.

We are committed to finishing up treatment with you as quickly as possible. We do NOT even offer extensive treatment plans with frequent visits over lengthy periods of time. A wide variety of conditions are treated effectively and efficiently in our office, and our fees are very reasonable. Patients return to us and refer their loved ones because we share the same goal; a solution to your problem in as few visits as possible.

We will also follow up with you throughout your care. We aill ask how you felt after treatment and how you felt the next day. If you aren’t responding well or aren’t getting better, we will go back to the drawing board and delve deeper into your history to see if we missed anything and to find the answer.

Our Providers

Dr. Lockhart

Spokane Vally Chiropractor

My philosophy as a chiropractic physician is to treat in a thorough and specific manner in as few visits as possible. Because of this approach, patients are often surprised by how quickly they see results and relief from their symptoms. So many of my patients are happy to discover that such a dramatic improvement to their overall health and quality of life is right around the corner.

Ashley Holman

Spokane Valley Massage Therapist

Ashley Holman, LMT, is a Spokane native.  She graduated from the Carrington College school of massage in 2013, and has extensive training and experience in medical massage.  Ashley treats all ages and all builds, including pregnant women.  She offers a wide variety of techniques, from relaxation massage to deep tissue and medical massage, customized for each patient.  Ashley strives to meet the comfort needs of individual patients while providing specific therapy to problem areas.

In our Spokane Valley Chiropractic Office, We Treat

Back and Neck Pain

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Back and neck pain are the most common conditions we see in our office. A thorough exam is absolutely necessary to make sure that your pain is a chiropractic problem or is best treated by chiropractic.

Headaches and Migraines

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Headaches are one of my favorite things to treat, because I have suffered with the same. A lot of the time, headaches are caused by upper cervical dysfunction, and in those cases, they are very treatable. But if it’s not, we’ll figure out where to refer you. A good examination will tell us what the answer is for you.


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TMJ is also often caused by upper cervical dysfunction. It is very treatable with chiropractic. It requires instrument only treatment. There’s no ‘cracking the jaw’ involved.

Disc Problems

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Disc problems need to be carefully handled, because sometimes they shouldn't be treated with adjustments - or you'd want to adjust in a very specific manner.  It's crucial to do a thorough exam to figure out if it’s a disc problem. If it is, we need to determine how to treat it so it actually gets better, so you can hopefully avoid surgery. Sometimes, though, disc problems really do require surgery. You don’t want to waste your time or make it worse by doing a bunch of adjusting when what you really need is a consult with a surgeon.

Extremities - Hips, Knees, Shoulders, Arm Pain

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Extremity pain may or may not be a chiropractic problem. We help you assess what's happening to identify whether chiropractic, physical therapy, advanced imagine, or surgery would be the appropriate course of action.

Chronic Pain and Arthritis

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Don’t think just because you’ve had pain for years and years, it’s too late to do antying about it. It’s never too late to increase mobility nd decrease your inflammation and pain. 

Arthritic change is a slow process, so the sooner you treat, the better. Some of this change may not have become permanent yet. It's possible to reverse some of that by increasing biomechanics,  blood flow, and hydration to the discs. 

Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain

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We do treat foot pain. One of the most common ways we approach foot pain is through the use of custom made orthotics, which are AMAZING for plantar fasciitis and foot pain. There are uses for both orthotics and chiropractic, especially if the pain is related to the arch.

Pediatric Discomfort

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Sometimes kids are complaining of some kind of pain. Whatever the source, the treatment is gentle - fingertip pressure or gentle instrument adjusting only. The solution is often very non-invasive and gentle.

Infant Colic and Reflux

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Infant treatment is generally just the use of gentle, fingertip pressure. We have treated a lot of colic and reflux, and it's often a matter of improving spinal biomechanics and occasional visceral manipulation, including very gentle fingertip pressure of the abdomen.

Ear Infections

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Sometimes ear infections are related to upper cervical dysfunction. Chiropractic can help, especially for kids with recurrent infecti0ns. Gentle fingertip pressure or instrument adjustment can reduce or eliminate ear infections.

Pediatric Constipation

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Constipation tends to be related to lower back dysfunction. We use gentle fingertip pressure or instrument adjusting to restore function.

Auto Accidents

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We provide full and comprehensive treatment, including massage therapy, for auto accident and injury. Most auto insurance covers treatment in full, so you can focus on getting better and not worry about health care costs.

Work Injuries

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We provide comprehensive massage and chiropractic care for work injuries. Usually, workers' compensation insurance will cover your costs in full, so you can focus on getting better. We want to get you back to work as quickly as possible; we work as efficiently as we can to do that.

Numbness and Tingling

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Numbness and tingling are often signs of more complicated issues that need to be addressed, so good evaluation is crucial to tell us if that’s the case. We can treat the condition underlying these symptoms, usually very effectively, or we can provide a referral if it’s something else.


Chiropractic Treatments

We use manual manipulation and instrument adjusting. Techniques include Flexion Distraction Technique, Myofascial Release Techniques, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Pediatric Care

We use only gentle approaches, such as fingertip pressure for newborns, and instrument adjusting for all ages.

Deep Muscle Stimulation

Our DMS device uses percussion and vibration to treat pain, spasm, scar tissue, injury, decreased circulation or lymphatic flow.

Massage Therapy

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Custom Orthotics

Custom arch supports restore healthy foot biomechanics to relieve foot and ankle pain, knee, hip and back pain.


Therapeutic exercises and modalities designed to strengthen, lengthen and retrain muscles in order to fully treat a condition.

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Dr. Melissa Lockhart's Testimonials

"Skilled! I highly recommend Dr.Melissa Lockhart to all of my patients seeking chiropractic care and alternative treatment options. She is exceptionally qualified and skilled, but also passionate about quality care and she provides patient specific treatment based on individual needs and conditions. Every patient that I have referred to Dr. Lockhart, has been very pleased with the healing experience that she has provided."

Randall Alan Espinosa MD, FACS

"The Best! Dr. Lockhart is the best! When you see her, make sure you tell her EVERYTHING that is going on–all your symptoms, skeletal or not–because she has fixed things for me that I had no idea could be fixed with chiropractic care. She is fast and efficient and just a super great person in general! When I moved out of state, having appointments with her were the thing I missed most!!!"

Maria L.

"Amazing Pediatric Care! When my son was born, he was delivered by c-section due to being face presenting and transverse. His neck was hyper-extended, causing a lot of struggles for him after birth. We went to see Dr. Lockhart right away. Dr. Lockhart is so amazing with babies, and he loved seeing her. When she worked with him, he instantly calmed, and you could see that he was relieved of pain and felt much better afterwards. Eventually he stopped arching his back, straining his neck, struggling during breastfeeding, and was overall in much better spirits. I don’t know what we would have done without her help."

Bethany B.

" Professional! She was able to help resolve my issues with my back, neck and leg. Dr. Lockhart’s adjusting procedures are gentle and effective and after just one chiropractic appointment with Dr. Lockhart, my leg and neck pain were gone with no reoccurrence. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional!"

Staci S.

"Recommended! I began chiropractic care with Dr. Lockhart in 2011. I appreciate the level of knowledge and skill she has in her profession. Dr. Lockhart has taken the time to invest in me and my present and future health. She has provided a genuine relationship to me as my doctor. I have numerous chronic health concerns and I always feel I can confide and get support and input from her. I receive both manual and instrument adjustments on my neck and back to help me maintain function and deal with pain. I would and do recommend Dr. Lockhart in a heartbeat to others seeking Chiropractic care."

Shamra A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does chiropractic care hurt?


Really. The adjustments should not hurt. The only exception is if you're hurting already. And then it’s no worse than what you walked in with already. Most people are surprised that the adjustments actually don’t hurt. I have a very gentle approach. I use no more force than necessary, and I treat in the most specific manner possible to help.

Is this really okay for babies and kids?

It really is.

We use an extremently gentle approach. We use only fingertip pressure for babies and light instrument adjusting for kids. Most of the time, kids really enjoy it. They aren’t scared, and they aren’t crying. Kids heal qickly and easily, so I have to do very little to help them.

I used to teach pediatrics at my chiropractic college. I’ve treated so many babies and kids over the years, and I have kids of my own, so I know how to make them feel at ease.


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They have the option of being held by their parent while being treated, if they want. We get to know the kid and figure out how they’re most comfortable, and that’s how we treat them. Some of them jump right up on the table, and others want to be held.

How do you adjust with an instrument?

We use a small hand-held pneumatic device that can be turned all the way down for very gentle pressure. Is is aimed in the direction of the spinal joints that are restricted. We just click it, and it frees up the motion of that spinal joint. It makes a clicking sound, but it feels very light, like a tap.


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It’s gentler than manual manipulation. It's also more specific. So if I want to adjust just C2, I can do that, where that would be very difficult just using my hands. It’s good for people who just had surgery, elderly people, kids, or anyone for whom manual adjusting is just too much or too scary or they don’t want it or it isn’t a good idea. Manual adjusting isn’t good for people who’ve had a stroke – it stretches the vascular system, stretches artieries and veins when you turn their head. Using the instrument, you can adjust them in a safer, neutral position.

Why wouldn't I just go to my doctor?

You can. But you’re probably going to get a prescription.

Medical doctors don’t specialize in giving you rehab exercises to do at home. They don’t do spinal or visceral manipulation. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to treat pain or symptoms, that’s where chiropractic and massage really shine.

Do I have to see you often?

It depends on the problem you come in with.

We don’t do extensive treatment plans in our office. My office visit average is 8 visits, and that includes people seeing me after a car accident or work injury, so that’s not very many visits to solve the problem. Most people don’t see me often. It’s really how often they want to come in. It’s my job to tell them what’s going wrong and how long I think it’s going to take to fix it, but it’s really up to them if treatment is working and they want to come in. In 20 years, no one has told me they see me too often or they keep coming in without making progress.

What is it going to cost me?

As little as possible.

Cost depends on whether you are coming in self-pay or with insurance, what you’re co-pay or out of pocket is, and how much treatment you need. But I work REALLY hard to work as quickly as possible. Efficiency is important to me. And I always consider your money situation. I work hard to minimize the number of visits and try to give you as much to do at home as possible.

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